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About us
Contineo is an open source product and it is therefore developed by different developers from all over the world. The original version was developed by Michael Scholz and René Peinl. You can reach both by e-mail. The project was founded in 2003 as a sample Struts web application.
The french translation (labels and messages) is contributed by Tewfik Lazreg.
The translation of the Help in french language (available in Contineo 2.6.0) has been contributed by Sébastien Boitier - many thanks to him.
Professional Support
In case you need professional support like training or customizations, please contact either contineo's development mailing list or one of the companies/freelancers listed below (alphabetical order):
  • Jesus Marin Ruiz, put a lot of work in making contineo XHTML compliant and port to new Struts version
  • Logical Objects, introduced many new technologies like Hibernate, Maven, xSkins and did other significant work on version 2.5
  • Sebastian Stein, maintainer and coding of web service interface
There are many ways to contact us. First, you can send an e-mail to contineo's development mailing list: You can also post your problem in the help forum. If you came over a bug, please use the bug tracker to report it directly. Logo © Michael Scholz 2003 - 2005 Support This Project