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Contineo project is dismissed
The new project is LogicalDOC

In this current site you can only find informations related to Contineo 2.5 (2007)

LogicalDOC 3.6 is backward compatible with Contineo 3.0
If you're looking for an upgrade path visit the site of LogicalDOC and ask to the support for a quote.

You will be automatically re-directed to the site of LogicalDOC within 30 seconds.
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Why do we need document management?
All companies generate a lot of documents - protocols, reports, pictures and other one. One of the most time-consuming process is to find a document containing the information you need.
In a computer network every user stores his documents in a folder on his harddisk. Nobody knows which informations are stored in the virtual brain of the company and which informations are still needed.
How can a document system support the process of document management?
A document management system supports its user by capturing, publishing, finding, and storing electronic documents. One of the value added features is to store all documents with meta-informations like title, author, keywords, and language. Another feature is to organize documents by different criterias.
Document management systems are multi-user systems and often based on database management systems.
Contineo in a few words...
Contineo is a web based document management system. It supports its users by managing documents in most popular formats. Contineo aims to fulfill all phases of document lifecycle. You can create and develop documents by using office software. With contineo itself, you can publish, search, and manage the versions of documents. Further, you can communicate with some other users directly or via e-mail.
Contineo was founded as a pure Java project in 2003. It is the attempt of the conversion of an easy to use und easy to extend document management system. That's why contineo is developed under an open source license.
Version 2.5 is the current stable version. Logo © Michael Scholz 2003 - 2005 Support This Project